Message from the Director

2023 has begun with a series of opportunities to contribute to the Australian debate about Early Childhood Education and Care. Opportunities like this are rare, where we can contribute to ensuring all Australian children flourish through their earliest experiences at home and in early learning settings. It is a crucial moment in time for the ECEC community to advocate for quality early childhood programs which are equitable and accessible for all children now and into the future.

The REEaCh Centre team has provided research evidence on how universal preschool programs for 3 and 4-year-olds can be delivered for the South Australian Royal Commission into ECEC and by describing our vision for the future of Australia’s children and their families through the Commonwealth’s Early Years Strategy. You will find more details on the enquiries below. In our first newsletter for 2023 you can also read updates on our projects and initiatives for this year.

Professor Tricia Eadie