Educational Leadership in Early Childhood MicroCert series

In 2021 four Melbourne MicroCerts will be offered as part of the Educational Leadership in Early Childhood Series. Melbourne MicroCerts are the University of Melbourne’s unique microcredential offering. They are 8-week online courses which are industry aligned and support ECEC educational leaders and educators to engage with cutting edge research and world-class pedagogical practice. Each Melbourne MicroCerts can be taken as a stand-alone course, or you can complete all four Melbourne Microcerts in the Educational Leadership in Early Childhood series as a pathway into the Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching. Learn more about the first two Melbourne MicroCerts:

Leading Learning for Quality Improvement
Leading Learning through Partnerships

Grad Cert in Infancy and Toddlerhood

The Abecedarian Approach Australia (3a)

Staff in the REEaCh Centre are at the forefront of research, training and implementation of the 3a strategies Australia wide.

3a is a set of evidence-based teaching and learning strategies for early childhood educators and parents to use with children from birth to five. Research has shown that 3a delivers enhanced educational outcomes by enriching and enhancing educator practice – both before and after a child starts school.

For more information about 3a and training visit here.

The Abecedarian Approach Australia training is available through the Victorian DET’s School Readiness Funding. Details are available on the Victorian DET's website.

Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)™

The CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) Observation Training program enables participants to develop capacity and confidence in providing feedback on teacher practice to improve children’s learning and development outcomes. The program involves observing teacher-child interactions and providing feedback to help new and experienced teachers become more effective. The program also helps educational leaders and teachers to lead and develop other educators in their settings.

MGSE is an authorised trainer in CLASS in Australia across Toddler, Pre-K and K-3 levels. View more information about training.

CLASS Training is available through the Victorian DET’s School Readiness Funding. Details are available on the Victorian DET's website.

Learning Language and Loving It™ - The Hanen Program®

The Learning Language and Loving It Program was designed to provide early childhood educators with practical strategies for helping all children in the classroom build language and social skills, no matter what their learning and communication styles are, and even if they have special needs. The Program provides you with practical, research-based strategies for:

  • Promoting every child’s language development using natural everyday activities, routines and play
  • Becoming attuned to children’s interests so you can follow their lead, which is known to foster language development
  • Adjusting the way you talk to help children develop more advanced language skills
  • Promoting interaction among the children themselves
  • Facilitating language-learning in pretend play
  • Fostering emergent literacy skills.

A Hanen Certified speech-language pathologist and an early childhood education consultant lead the program. Over a 14 week period the course includes 8 group workshop sessions + 4-6 individual coaching sessions. During the program, you will use the guidebook Learning Language and Loving It: A Guide to Promoting Children’s Social, Language, and Literacy Development in Early Childhood Settings. Participants in the program will be required to purchase the Guide prior to commencing training. Learn more.

If you are interested in this program for your whole service or individually please contact Halina McNally via email.

The Learning Language and Loving It training is available through the Victorian DET’s School Readiness Funding. Details are available on the Victorian DET's website.