Dr Hannah Bryson

Dr Hannah Bryson is a research fellow in the REEaCh Hub. Her primary areas of research interest are in equitable health and development for all children, and the role that health and education services can play in promoting equitable outcomes for young children experiencing adversity. Hannah’s research has particularly focussed on parent and child mental health in the context of adversity. She was awarded her PhD by the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne in 2020. Her PhD focussed on the role of physiological stress in children’s experiences of early adverse environments and the pathways for health and development. Throughout her career, Hannah has worked extensively in community-based intervention and cohort research. She was previously based at the Centre for Community Child Health at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and was the research manager for the right@home trial, examining the effectiveness of an Australian nurse home visiting program promoting family wellbeing and child development for families experiencing adversity.