REEaCh Hub Launch

Two events officially launched the REEaCh Hub in November 2019, with discussions on the future of young children's learning in Australia.

The Jenny Leaper Lecture

Held on 7 November, the Jenny Leaper Lecture featured Mara Krechevsky from Project Zero at Harvard University presenting on 'Making learning visible in early childhood'. The lecture included a response from Professor Nicola Yelland from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Please note that not all presentation slides could be displayed in this video for copyright reasons.

The Jenny Leaper Summit

The Jenny Leaper Summit, held on 8 November, brought together a group of Australian early childhood education advocates, providers, researchers and policymakers to discuss a strategic policy agenda for the next decade. The Summit was opened by Professor Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and featured an expert panel facilitated by Maxine McKew. The Summit represented a first step in the REEaCh Hub’s ongoing collaboration with the sector and commitment to supporting a strong future for early childhood education in Australia.

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