• What is the 3a Professional Learning Program?

    The 3a Practitioner Professional Learning Program (PLP) is the 3-day training program that introduces participants to 3a.

    It was developed by the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) to help build and maintain the quality of interactions that occur between adults and children in your organisation.

    This program is designed to support early childhood professionals who work with children from birth to five in implementing evidence-based teaching strategies from the Abecedarian Approach Australia (3a).

  • What are the different 3a training programs?

    3a Practitioners… is a three day program and gives participants the skills to implement 3a strategies to support their early childhood setting. Participants become certified 3a Practitioners.

    3a Affiliate Trainers… are able to lead practitioner level training within their organisation to build and maintain the quality of 3a at an organisational-level. This is a one day program and participants need to have completed a 3a Practitioner program.

    3a Coaches… are well equipped to coach and mentor early childhood professionals in the implementation of 3a within your organisation. This is a one day program and participants need to have completed a 3a Practitioner program.

  • How often do you run public 3a training programs?

    MGSE runs public 3a training programs every 8 to 12 weeks in Melbourne. Upcoming programs are listed on 3a Training. If you’re interested in other dates or locations, please let us know.

  • What happens before training?

    You will receive an email inviting you to set up your user account on 3a member website. This will give you access to the 3a Practitioner materials you will need to participate in training.

    Click on the link in the email to set up your password and complete your details.

  • What do I need to do to achieve certification? What does certification get me?
    • You need to attend the 3a Professional Learning Program for your certification
    • Successfully complete the knowledge test for your PLP within 14 days of training. The knowledge test assesses your understanding of the training and you need to achieve a score of 80% or more to pass it. You can sit the test up to three times.
    • Pay your 12 month certification fee to the University of Melbourne.

    When you complete these requirements, you will become a certified 3a Practitioner, 3a Affiliate Trainer or 3a Coach for 12 months.

    This gives you full access to resources available on the secure 3a member website, which will support you in implementing 3a in your setting.

    You will also receive a certificate from the University indicating your certification status and validity period.

  • Do I have to complete the Practitioner training before I can do the Coach and/or Affiliate Trainer professional learning program?

    Yes. All participants are required to complete the equivalent of the 3 day Practitioner PLP before participating in the Coach and/or the Affiliate Trainer Professional Learning Programs.

  • What happens if I don’t pass the knowledge test?

    If you don’t successfully complete the test after three attempts, you must pay the certification fee again then wait for two weeks before resitting the test. During this time, we encourage you to review the training materials.

  • What happens when my certification expires?

    All 3a Practitioners, Affiliate Trainers and Coaches maintain their certification for 12 months from the date of certification. A month before your certification expires, we will contact you by email and/or through their 3a website dashboard to begin the recertification process.

  • I’ve used some of the LearningGames before but haven’t attended the training. Can I become a certified 3a Practitioner?

    No. In order to be a certified 3a Practitioner you must have completed the equivalent of the 3 day Practitioner Professional Learning Program and completed the requirements for certification which includes passing a knowledge test and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

  • How do I access the resources on the website?

    Once you have registered, a week before your 3a Professional Learning Program you will receive an email to your nominated email address with details of how to complete your website account setup and log in to the 3a website.

  • I’ve changed my email address (or other details) – what do I do?

    You can update your details yourself - including your email address. Log in to the 3a member website using your old email address and password. Then, click on “Update details”.

  • I’ve forgotten my password to the 3a member website – what do I do?

    You can reset your password yourself. Click on the “Forgot password?” link on the login screen and a reset link will be sent to your email address.

  • Where do I get the LearningGames®?

    The LearningGames® books are not included in the materials you receive during participation in the 3a Practitioner, 3a Coach or 3a Affiliate Trainer Professional Learning Programs. The University of Melbourne does not own the publishing rights to the LearningGames® and are not distributors. In early 2019 we were advised that the distributors of the LearningGames® in Australia have ceased production due to the end of their agreements with Professor Joe Sparling. Professor Sparling is working with other Australian distributors, but there will be a delay in the LearningGames® being available. Participants in our Professional Learning Programs will receive a selection of LearningGames® following participation in the Professional Learning Program as an interim action until the LearningGames® books become available again.