Research Questions

The research questions were crafted to generate novel insights into the multifaceted impact of BMX riding on the social, mental, and creative dimensions of riders' lives.

Q1: How does BMX contribute to the wellbeing of BMX riders?

  1. What is the connection between BMX and resilience?
  1. How does participation in BMX contribute to a sense of community and belonging for riders?
  1. What role does BMX play in offering a positive outlet for youth and how might it contribute to reducing stress and anxiety?
  1. What are the experiences of BMX riders, and how do they perceive the benefits of BMX for their overall wellbeing?
  2. How might different BMX disciplines influence the wellbeing of riders?
  1. What are the potential long-term effects of BMX riding on the overall wellbeing of riders?

Q2: What is creativity in BMX?

  1. What riders' perspective on the concept of creativity in BMX, and How do BMX riders define and understand creativity in BMX?
  1. In what ways does BMX riding facilitate creativity in riders, particularly in the development of problem-solving skills?
  1. How do different BMX disciplines, such as BMX Freestyle, BMX Racing, and BMX Street, impact creativity among riders?
  1. What are the contributing factors to creativity in BMX riding, including aspects like rider motivation, personal goals, and the influence of the BMX community?
  1. What are the potential long-term effects of engaging in BMX riding on creativity, and how does this contribute to overall wellbeing?
  1. What are the potential obstacles or challenges that riders may face in expressing creativity through BMX, and how can these barriers be effectively addressed and overcome?

Through a combination of surveys, interviews, and observational data, we have delved into the intricacies of BMX riding and its profound impact on the wellbeing and creativity of participants.