Research projects

The Youth Research Collective is involved in projects that focus on childhood through to young adulthood and on the institutions and organisations that serve their needs, spanning different educational phases, disciplines and policy areas.

Project Research Contact Project Status
A Framework for building Relationships between Indigenous People and people and the University of Melbourne Bernadette Murphy Completed
A framework for enhancing resilience in development settings Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
An evidence-informed framework for enhancing wellbeing Prof. Helen Cahill Current
Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Gender: Mapping of Resource Materials on CSE and Gender Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Creating Connections Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Defining the Status of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young People Prof. Johanna Wyn Current
Determining implementation drivers in resilience education Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Discussion Paper – Social Emotional Learning Support for Students in Transition Prof. Helen Cahill Current
Enhancing desirability: supporting teacher candidates in their placements to succeed in rural schools Dr Hernán Cuervo Completed
Gender identity in early childhood Assoc. Prof. Kylie Smith Current
Improving the participation of young people with chronic illness in triadic medical discussions about their health Prof. Johanna Wyn Completed
Innovative methodologies for gender research: colloquium and pilot research workshop Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Leading country-based implementation of the Connect with Respect Gender-based violence prevention program Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Learning to make it work: education, work and wellbeing in young adulthood Prof. Johanna Wyn Completed
Life Patterns Professor Johanna Wyn Current
My Safety App: Scoping a safety and communication app for children experiencing family violence Assoc. Prof. Kylie Smith Current
Research and Evaluation of the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) in two mainstream schools A/Prof Helen Stokes Completed
Social and Emotional Learning in the Boarding Residence Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Strengthening the capacity of ChildFund staff and partners on child and youth participation programming and working with young people Prof. Helen Cahill Current
The development of teaching and learning resources to support the delivery of Respectful Relationships Prof. Helen Cahill Current
The Y-Change Project Prof. Helen Cahill Current

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