Recent Completions

Dr Jessica Crofts and Dr Samantha Ratnam at their graduation ceremony

PhD and DEd completions

Matthew Holt

Thesis: Teacher advocacy for LGBTIQ equality: teacher perspectives, changes and supports 2017.
Supervisor: Associate Professor Helen Stokes and Associate Professor Kylie Smith

Eric Jun Fu

Thesis: A study of online citizenship practices of Chinese young people (2017).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn and Dr Hernan Cuervo

Chalukulu Bilinzozi John

Thesis: Sport and youth development: the practice of sport-oriented youth development programs in Tanzania (2017).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn and Dr Hernan Cuervo

Babak Dadvand

Thesis: Participation on the margins: young people’s citizenship experiences in schools (2017).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn and Dr Hernan Cuervo

Bruce Hurst

Thesis: “Eat, play, go, repeat”: Researching with older primary-age children to re-theorise School Age Care (2017). 
Supervisors: Associate Professor Kylie Smith and Professor Helen Cahill

Siobhan Hannan

Thesis: My Italian kindergarten: an investigation of preschool language teaching (2016).
Supervisors: Professor Joseph Lo Bianco and Professor Johanna Wyn

Sue Mentha

Thesis: Being, becoming and potential: thinking coexistence and coproduction in early childhood education (2016). 
Supervisors: Dr Jane Page and Professor Johanna Wyn

Monique Dalgleish

Thesis: Art, schizophrenia and becoming (2016).
Supervisors: Dr Helen Cahill and Dr Richard Chenhall

Vaoiva Siaosi-Ponton

Thesis: An investigation of Samoan student experiences in two homework study groups in Melbourne (2015).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn

Sangay Jamtsho

Thesis: Implementing a Whole-School Approach to Student Wellbeing: A Study Examining the Challenges Experienced by Bhutanese and Australian Teachers in Wellbeing Leadership Roles (2015).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn and Dr Helen Cahill

Jessica Crofts

Thesis: New femininities: young women and education in late modernity (2015).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn and Dr Hernan Cuervo

Kirsten Courtney

Thesis: Young Children’s perceptions of bullying/relational aggression (2015).
Supervisors: Professor Julie McLeod & Dr Kylie Smith

Fruma Sara Rosenfeld

Thesis: A needs assessment regarding program for Russian adolescents in Orthodox Jewish day schools: a comparative case study (2014).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn and Dr Helen Stokes

Cassandra Kotsanas

Thesis: Children's participation in theory and practice: (re)theorising the everyday enactment of children's participatory rights with early childhood educators (2014).
Supervisors: Dr  Kylie Smith & Margaret Coady

Samantha Ratnam

Thesis: Global Citizenship Education: An exploratory study of constructions of global citizenship and civic identity (2014).
Supervisors: Dr Ani Wierenga & Professor Johanna Wyn

Sophie Rudolph

Thesis: Rethinking  Indigenous Educational Disadvantage: A Critical Analysis of Race and Whiteness  in Australian Education Policy (2012).
Supervisors: Dr Hernan Cuervo & Professor Julie McLeod

Rosalyn Black

Thesis: Making a difference at the sharp end: student participation in low socioeconomic schools (2012).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn & Dr Ani Wierenga

Julia Coffey

Thesis: Exploring  body work practices : bodies, affect and becoming (2012).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn & Dr Tim Marjoribanks

Merlyne Cruz

Thesis: “I  don’t have a choice. I’m compelled to just keep going.” Early childhood  educators’ commitment to cultural diversity (2012). 
Supervisors:  Professor Glenda MacNaughton  & Margaret Coady

Prasanna Srinivasan

Thesis: Contesting  identities: in othered voices (2012).
Supervisors: Professor Glenda MacNaughton  & Margaret Coady

Masters by research completions

Leanne Higham

Thesis: Becoming Boy: Affecting Identity in a Catholic Boys’ School (2015).
Supervisors: Professor Johanna Wyn and Dr Dianne Mulcahy

Rebecca Simpson-Dal Santo

Thesis: Thinking about ‘Identity’ in the Early Years Learning Framework (2014).
Supervisors: Dr Kylie Smith