S7E2: AI in the classroom: Friend or Foe?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has well and truly arrived. As ChatGPT and DALL-E become mainstream, warnings in the media about this new technology are growing, including its impact on education and assessment. But AI also offers exciting opportunities for teachers and students to enhance learning, think creatively, alleviate workloads and embrace inclusivity. In this episode we de-mystify the question; is AI in the classroom a friend or a foe?

Helping us explore this evolving conundrum and share the inspiring possibilities of AI and tips on how teachers can start exploring new tech in their classrooms is renowned educator and researcher in the impact of globalisation and technology on educationProfessor Yong Zhao, as well as expert in self-regulation and classroom-based assessment, Professor Therese Hopfenbeck, and expert in digital learning and assessment technology, Lauren Sayer.

Guest speakers:

  • Professor Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor in the School of Education at the University of Kansas and a professor in Educational Leadership at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.
  • Professor Therese Hopfenbeck, Director of the Assessment and Evaluation Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education.
  • Lauren Sayer, Director of Curriculum at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Producers: Genevieve Siggins and Podcast Services Australia

If you would like to get in touch with the Assessment and Evaluation Research Centre about AI and assessment, please contact them at aerc-info@unimelb.edu.au

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