The kids are alright but is the education system? Flipping the conversation on Indigenous education

On this episode of Talking Teaching Kamilaroi woman, Dr Melitta Hogarth, the Assistant Dean, Indigenous at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, discusses the challenges facing the education sector in building an inclusive school culture and environment for Indigenous students in Australia. To achieve this, she says, we need to flip the narrative and address the significant gap in non-Indigenous Australians’ understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, cultures, knowledges and peoples. We also speak to Josh Cubillo, a Larrakia man educated in the Darwin area, who is now pursuing his dream of improving the knowledge of non-Indigenous teachers and their understanding of the concept of country.

Presenter: Genevieve Costigan

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Melitta Hogarth - Assistant Dean Indigenous, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
  • Josh Cubillo - PhD candidate, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

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