Talking Teaching: Professor Glyn Davis

In this episode of Talking Teaching Maxine McKew talks with Professor Glyn Davis who has just completed fourteen years as Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne.

It was one of Glyn’s high school teachers who first sat him down and showed him how to go about pursuing a university education. Glyn’s own reflections on the joy of teaching, the challenges of leadership, and students’ use of technology make for absorbing listening. So sit back and enjoy this interview with one of Australia’s most significant educational leaders.

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Professor Glyn Davis – Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne


Theme music by Gavin Nebauer.
Talking Teaching recorded and mixed by Gavin Nebauer at The Horwood Recording Studio, University of Melbourne.

Further Reading

Glyn’s summer Reading list:

  • Pat Barker - The Silence of the Girls
  • Marco Santagata - Dante
  • Alice Oswald - Memorial
  • David Malouf - An Open Book
  • Marianna Mazzucato  - The Value of Everything
  • Paul Genoni and Tanya Dalziel - Half the Perfect World

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