Talking Teaching: Jo Boaler, Michaela Epstein and Michelle Fry on Maths Education, and the Saudi Arabian education reforms

In this month’s Talking Teaching, Sophie Murphy interviews Stanford University’s Jo Boaler. Named by the BBC as one of the eight most influential people in her field, Boaler argues that the latest research in neuroscience explains what she has always argued – that anyone can do maths.

Next up, Kerry Elliott talks to Michaela Epstein, the President of the Mathematical Association of Victoria and Head of Learning for Maths Pathway. We hear from Michaela and from Redcliffe State High School’s Michelle Fry about how this new approach to on-line learning is engaging students and producing impressive results.

Talking Teaching also features the extraordinary partnership between the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and Saudi Arabia. The Middle East kingdom is determined to radically reform its entire school system, from curriculum, to assessment to teacher training. It’s come to Melbourne to show them the way.

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Professor Jo Boaler – Stanford University, author Maths Mindsets
Michaela Epstein – Head of Learning, Maths Pathway
Michelle Fry – Head of Maths, Redcliffe State High School, Queensland
Dr Sandra Milligan – Director, Assessment Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Emeritus Professor Patrick Griffin – Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Dr Nayyaf – Deputy Director Education, Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Abdullah Alroaig
Fatima Saad Alghamdi


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Talking Teaching recorded and mixed by Gavin Nebauer at The Horwood Recording Studio, University of Melbourne.

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