Equity, Diversity and Social Change specialisation

Master of Education

The future of education lies in the management of equity, diversity and social change issues both in schools and within the community. Gain the knowledge and expertise to turn your passion for social change into an ability to foster equity and leverage diversity in educational contexts.

You will build the capacity to critically engage with research to develop in-depth knowledge of experiences of exclusion and difference, and discover how to infuse equity into your professional practice. Focusing on how practices, across a range of educational settings, respond to social diversity, you will examine the barriers and the opportunities for achieving more equitable and inclusive education experiences.

Please note: this specialisation is available within the Master of Education, and is not a separate course. The regular Master of Education CRICOS code applies.


Whether you are based in a school or another educational setting, or you are seeking educational expertise, this specialisation will help you understand how equity and diversity connects with policy and practice to effect social change.


Upon completion you will be equipped to:

  • Enhance policy and practice through critical analysis of contemporary research and theory
  • Better understand social power and privilege, enabling you to develop professional practices through a lens of equity and diversity across educational contexts
  • Lead social change within your educational community through better understanding the barriers and opportunities in equitable and diverse educational preparation.

Sample course plan (full-time)

Students with 100 points of advanced standing enter in year two.

Year 1

Semester 1

Understanding Education in Context

Local Literacies in Global Contexts

Youth and Popular Culture

Ethics, Gender and the Family

Semester 2

Resilience and Relationships

The Student as Learner

Critical Thinking and Curriculum

Globalisation and Education Policy

Year 2

Semester 1

Leading Educational Ideas

Education, Knowledge and Power

Leading Change for Student Wellbeing

Education Policy and Reform

Semester 2

Identity, Equity and Change

Diversity, Inclusion and Transitions

Research Methods in Education

Education Capstone Research Project

  • Core subject
  • Elective
  • Specialisation core