Where are they now? Master of Teaching (Secondary) graduates

At Presentation College Windsor, three Master of Teaching (Secondary) graduates have moved into leadership positions.

Brad Denny and Casey Langsford (class of 2009) are the Head of English and Head of Humanities and Angela Tan (class of 2008) is the Director of Music.

All three teachers said that, while challenging, the Master of Teaching placement structure helped prepare them for the realities of classroom life.

“Being in the same school for a whole semester means you get to see the power of establishing good relationships with the students,” said Angela. “You can’t do that in a three week block placement. You also learn how to juggle competing priorities, which is really important when you’re a teacher.” Presentation College has embraced the use of data to inform its teaching, which resonates with the Master of Teaching clinical approach.

“The school is very data-focused,” said Casey. “Having learned at Uni how to use data to inform our teaching, it feels quite natural for us to think in that way.”

In his new role, Brad is hoping to incorporate more of the clinical approach he learned at university. “I’m hoping to incorporate more formative assessment,” he said. “This means understanding where the students are at the start of the year, so you can plan the year’s learning from there.” All three are loving their chosen profession of teaching, and appreciate the opportunity to join the leadership team at such a well regarded school.