Meet Tom Hardisty

What about the Master of Teaching appealed to you?

I was really excited by the high number of placement days the Master of Teaching program offered, as well as the way they are organised placement for certain days of each week. I loved the way this meant I was able to apply a few new things each week on placement, that I had learned during the days spent in classes on campus. This is much easier than remembering a semester's worth of learning in one block placement. I also anticipated that the two-year length was an appropriate amount of time for me to achieve as much as I could, and get the most out of the course.

What’s the best thing you’ve gained from doing the course?

When I enrolled, I hadn't set foot in a school since I graduated myself. I have since discovered that teaching is the exact profession I had always wanted to pursue, without even knowing. I think public education is an amazing thing and that everyone should have access to the best education possible. I love the fact that I am a part of that, and can make an impact in students’ lives.

I guess in answer to the question: I have gained highly contemporary, research based education training, that has enabled me to be a critically aware, inclusive, evidence-based teacher.

How did it prepare you for your current role?

Nearing the end of term 2, it is more clear to me than ever before that the course prepared me well for teaching. The focus on contemporary educational theory, high number of school placement days and high expectations on our performance on those placement days, has helped make the first half of my graduate year so much smoother and more productive than I could have hoped.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing this course?

I would say that it was two of the most difficult years of my life, but it was also two of the most rewarding years. I would certainly recommend doing it, as I think teaching is a fantastic profession and the Master of Teaching has set me up really well to be my best, and I hope it would do the same for you.