Christopher Anderson

What’s your background? What made you decide to enrol in the Master of Teaching?

Having developed a passion for teaching English in Japan for 16 years, and previously studying a Master of TESOL, teaching became such a big part of my life. A Master of Teaching with the University of Melbourne however, could transfer that passion into my profession. Now with a M aster of Teaching from the University of Melbourne, I can apply my trade where I choose.

If relevant, what are your learning areas (secondary)/ specialisation (primary)?

TESOL and Business

What’s been the most challenging part of the course?

Placement has been a rollercoaster experience. Different schools, year levels, classes and teachers all develop very different culture. Teacher Candidates find themselves in a broad variety of situations on placement, which poses challenges, however with the skills and support pf our lecturer, Clinical Specialist and Teaching Fellow, we can make the most of this dynamic, real world learning environment.

What’s been the most valuable aspect of the course?

Definitely the opportunity to be guided by the preeminent professionals of our industry. At the University of Melbourne, the core subject and learning area lecturers and seminar leaders are the best of the best. To be able to learn from these kind and knowledgeable leaders of our profession is humbling at times, and inspirational always.

How are you finding the clinical teaching model that the Melbourne Graduate School of Education uses?

The clinical teaching model is the backbone of our course and a model all good teachers would instinctively default to in their practice. As a model, it provides teachers who are new to the profession with the tools to provide an effective and powerful education for the next generation.<

How prepared did you feel going into your first block placement?

Ready. I couldn’t wait to devote myself to the classroom and begin to build relationships with everyone around me in the school. At times it was overwhelming, because there is quite a lot to prepare and know, however I feel the university prepared my for that experience.

What would you say to something thinking about doing this course?

Definitely go for it. Teaching is more than just transferring knowledge, it’s about transforming the lives of young learners in so many ways. If you feel passionate about working with young people and seeing all your students become the best learners and people they can be, why not prepare yourself to be the best teacher you can be with Australia’s number one teaching course in Australia’s finest university.