Meet Tara Crivari

Master of Teaching (Secondary) graduate.

Tara Crivari completed the Master of Teaching (Secondary) in 2015, specialising in English and History. She is now teaching at Kambrya College, where she has two year seven English classes and one year eight English class.

What made you decide to enrol in the Master of Teaching (Secondary)?

I have always wanted to join the Master of Teaching (Secondary) as it offered a wide range of subjects, skills and expertise from teachers from Australia and all around the world. Some of my friends had completed the course, or had been completing the course, when I enrolled, and only had incredibly positive things to say about the course.

What was the most challenging part of the course?

The most challenging part was probably balancing assignments and placement in semester one. As it was my first placement, I was very nervous and still finding my feet. But once I practised balancing study and placement, I found it more manageable. I had incredible support from my Clinical Specialist, Teaching Fellow and mentor who guided me through stressful times.

What was the most valuable aspect of the course?

I don’t think I could summarise just one valuable aspect, as there were so many! I loved my placement, especially the block placement. I really felt that I was growing into a teacher. Making wonderful friends with other teacher candidates and sharing our experiences is something that I will always treasure.

How did you find the clinical teaching model that the Melbourne Graduate School of Education uses?

I found that the clinical teaching model was incredibly effective for my practice as it has allowed me to effectively reflect on my teaching practice. Being able to focus on different aspects of my teaching practice and evaluate my impact on student learning has been beneficial for my growth as a teacher.

How prepared did you feel going into your first year of teaching?

I feel very prepared. Whilst completing the course and being on placement, I really felt and understood what it meant to be a full-time teacher. Furthermore, through getting to know the amazing teachers at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, as well as fantastic staff from my placement and current school Kambrya, I have really been opened up to so much worthy advice and feedback.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing this course?

Don’t look past doing the Master of Teaching. It has endless opportunities to grow, many staff who will support you, hundreds of fantastic schools where you can complete your placement and, above all, will best prepare you for life as a teacher.

I don’t think I would be the teacher I am today without my positive experience in The Master of Teaching. I’m so thankful that I made such a great decision to apply for the course.