Meet Tim Fletcher

Master of Teaching (Secondary) graduate

Tim Fletcher completed the Master of Teaching (Secondary) in 2014 and is now teaching English and Humanities at Princes Hill Secondary College.

Why did the Master of Teaching appeal to you?

I had friends who had completed the Master of Teaching and had great experiences both at University and on placement. I also liked the idea of spending a lot of time in the classroom while studying - to me the course offered a good mix of theory and practice.

What's the best thing you've gained from doing the course?

The best thing I gained from the course was an understanding of the range of abilities you encounter in every classroom. Learning how to identify and target my teaching towards each student's readiness to learn has proven to be an invaluable part of my teaching practice.

How did it prepare you for your current role?

It made me aware that teaching is a career where you are constantly reflecting on and refining your practice. I think the focus on reflective practice is something in particular that has stayed with me in the early years of my teaching career.

How did you find the clinical teaching model that the Melbourne Graduate School of Education uses? How did it help you in your preparation to becoming a teacher?

The clinical teaching model allows you to focus on the individual learners in your classroom and to develop evidence-based practice in your teaching. This model allowed me to develop the skills to draw on assessment data to inform the way I plan and adjust my lessons according to the needs of students. Without doubt, these skills have helped me to become a more effective teacher.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing this course?

I would say to anyone considering this course to be prepared for a challenging but ultimately rewarding and fulfilling experience. The support you get from your mentor, teaching fellow and clinical specialist is fantastic. The practical experience you gain on placement gives you plenty of opportunities to learn who you are as teacher. By the time you set foot in the classroom in your first year of teaching, you definitely feel ready to teach. Teaching is a highly rewarding career which continues to stimulate and challenge me. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.