Where are they now? Brittany Tam

Canadian Brittany Tam completed the Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) in 2009, and is now working as Curriculum Area Leader for the Pre-Kindergarten program at the International School of Beijing.

Brittany initially worked for the City of South Yarra as an early childhood educator after graduation. Although she enjoyed living and working in Melbourne, by 2011 her visa dictated she look elsewhere for work.

"As luck would have it, the International School of Beijing was looking for an early childhood teacher," she said. "It was a last minute opening, but I was thrilled to get the job! It was all rather serendipitous."

Brittany is in now in her third year with the well-regarded school, and stepped into her role earlier this year.

"Moving to a new country and a big school with a new curriculum by myself was a huge challenge,"said Brittany. "One of the things that really pulled me through was the practice of reflection that I got into during my studies; learning to reflect and make connections really helped me make the most my time at the University of Melbourne. I was so fortunate and am ever grateful that one of my mentors was amazing in this regard and was able to support my growth in this. This practice of reflection has served me well in the transition to a completely different setting in all areas of my life!"