From corporation to classroom

Kim Chen worked in finance for three years before following her dream to become a teacher. She completed the Master of Teaching (Primary) in 2012 and is now a Foundation Teacher at Hartwell Primary School in Camberwell.

Kim had a very special reason for studying teaching. Arriving with her family from Cambodia as a refugee in 1993, she started primary school in Perth. “My teachers were really lovely to me when I started school in Australia and I really looked up to them” explains Kim.

However she initially took a different path.

"I worked in finance for three years" Kim said, "but it just wasn’t for me! At first I didn’t have the guts to follow my dream and study teaching, but I’m so glad I have done it now. The Master of Teaching has provided me with many strategies I can use for classroom management and behavioural management.”

“With Foundation children, they are all at a certain age where they're very egocentric and a lot of them don't necessarily know how to play with other children. Strategies I learnt in the Master of Teaching have helped me to better manage this cohort of kids and allowed me to reinforce positive behaviour without negative consequences”

“Furthermore, it helped my students take ownership and responsibility of their actions and so they become the problem solvers. This has been great because instead of me (the teacher) trying to deal with the problem and coming up with solutions, the onus is on the children involved to come up with a resolution.”

“The tutorials at University gave me an abundance of resources and teaching ideas that I have been implementing in my own classroom, particularly within my reading rotation groups.”