Meet Suba Jai Kumar

A graduate of the Master of Learning Intervention

What’s your background?

Following the completion of my Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, I pursued a career as a Chartered Accountant for about seven years in Melbourne. During those years, I had a very fulfilling experience training and mentoring Graduate Accountant staff to facilitate their professional development. This inevitably inspired me to pursue a career in education. I consequently sought experience in teaching English to international students in Melbourne and returned to my alma mater to attain my Master of TESOL.

Where are you currently working and what is your role?

I’m currently employed as an English Language Teacher at Melbourne Language Centre.

I also facilitate conversation classes for international tertiary students at RMIT English Worldwide, to assist them in developing their speaking and listening skills to communicate confidently and fluently in English in a culturally diverse atmosphere.

What made you decide to enrol in the Master of TESOL?

I thoroughly enjoy teaching English as a second or additional language (ESL / EAL) to students who are non-native speakers of English. This resulted in me enrolling in the Master of TESOL to further develop and expand my understanding, knowledge, and skills in teaching practices and research related to TESOL.

What’s been the most valuable aspect of the course?

The course was an immensely rewarding learning experience for me. The most valuable aspect of the course has been the extensive support and feedback I received from my lecturers and peers in the course. They had a wealth of knowledge and expertise in teaching practices and research related to TESOL.

How has this course helped your career?

This course has helped me to always consider and endeavour to create meaningful and purposeful learning experiences for my students which cater to their personal learning goals and needs within their learning contexts. It has also taught me to be resourceful in continually developing and expanding my understanding, knowledge, and skills in teaching practices and research related to TESOL.

What advice would you have for someone thinking about doing this course?

While this course is certainly challenging and demanding, it renders a very supportive and collaborative learning environment which would undoubtedly lead to an invaluable learning.