I am fluent in a language other than English, but I have not completed a major in that language. Can I still meet the learning area requirements to teach that language?

If you have not completed a major in a language at a tertiary level, it is possible to meet the learning area requirements by taking an approved language test and submitting a Statement of Equivalence. The aim of the Statement of Equivalence assessment is to determine whether you have sufficient oral and written competence and cultural understanding of the language being assessed to teach that language in Victorian schools. In other words, whether your overall competency in that language is at least equal to a major sequence at a tertiary level.

Keep in mind that being a native speaker of a language doesn't necessarily mean you should apply for the language learning area; it takes a lot of work and dedication to learn about your own language and how to teach that language.

Please contact one of the approved test providers for more information.