Can I transfer between the Master of Teaching (Secondary) and the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship?

From 2024 the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship and the Master of Teaching (Secondary) will have the same course structure. For the first time, Teacher Candidates who have completed one year of the Master of Teaching (Secondary) on campus program will have the opportunity to express interest in a transfer to the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship for their second (and final) year of study.

Successful transfer will only be available to domestic students who:

  • Are taking the Standard mode for the Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Meet course progression requirements
  • Are taking learning areas available under the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship
  • Secure a teaching Internship position for the following year (the University will assist with this process (please read FAQ: What types of schools offers Internship teaching positions? Do I have any choice in the school?)

During the first year of study, all Master of Teaching (Secondary) Teacher Candidates will be provided with more information about this opportunity. This will include an information session and opportunity to submit an expression of interest.

Visit our Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship study pages to find out more and apply.

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