Opportunities for Indigenous students and student support to engage in Indigenous knowledge and build competency

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) are committed to improving the success and participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. We welcome the opportunity to help them grow and nurture their rich knowledge, histories, and cultures, and we recognise that this adds to and enriches our diverse learning community.

We are also committed to developing the strength and depth of the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Australians.  Please view the MGSE statement of reconciliation to learn more.

We are proud to offer the following scholarship opportunities to as part of this commitment:

Scholarships available to Indigenous students:

Research opportunities:

  • Collette Tayler Indigenous Education Scholarship: open to domestic students undertaking research involving Indigenous young children and families in the field of early childhood education at the University of Melbourne.  The person undertaking the research may be Indigenous or non-Indigenous, and from any faculty or graduate school at the University of Melbourne.  Applications open 1 October and close 15 March.
  • Lochrie Indigenous Australian Education Scholarship: open to Indigenous Australians  undertaking research in Indigenous education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.  Applications open 1 October and close 15 March.

Scholarships to support/recognise Indigenous knowledge and build cultural competency:

For further information please visit the Indigenous Resources page.

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