Short courses and overseas subjects

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education currently offers one University of Melbourne Overseas Subject (UMOS).

PLEASE NOTE: All student exchange and study abroad programs have been suspended for 2021 as all travel is now subject to changing COVID-19 restrictions. Check with your course coordinator for details on future opportunities.

Education Policy in Practice

Education Policy in Practice (EDUC90949) is an elective subject in the Policy in a Global Context specialisation within the Master of Education. However, the subject is open to all Master of Education students. Master of Teaching students can take the subject with the approval of the course coordinator.

This subject provides the opportunity for students to explore and investigate education systems outside Australia and is typically delivered as a staff-guided international study tour and is usually over a 2-3 week period in September/October.

Subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions being lifted, the staff-guided international study tour is expected to visit selected government and non-government organisations and educational institutions in three EU member countries in 2022.

The proposed study tour dates are September-October 2022.

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Port House in Antwerp, Belgium