Shut Up & Write

Shut Up & Write

Shut Up & Write are organised writing sessions, designed to help students overcome isolation and create social study opportunities. Not to mention they’re a great way to stop procrastinating. Whether you’ve got an essay to write or catching up on your personal blog, Shut Up & Write is the place to focus and produce plenty of work.

Shut Up & Write is based off the Pomodoro Technique, consisting of four 25-minute ‘sprints’ with a 5-minute break in between. During a sprint, your aim is to write as many words on your topic or assignment. No talking. Each session has four sprints. During the breaks, you can make new friends, and generally connect with others studying in isolation during COVID-19.

Preparing for Shut Up & Write Session

These sessions are not about creating the final version of your work, remember, it’s a sprint not a marathon. It’s about getting words onto the page. You can edit and tidy later.

Get organised, decide what you want to work on during the session, prepare your notes and get to know your topic. This will help you produce more words and spend less time reading or researching. The Cornell Method is a great way to organise your notes. If you’re looking for a challenge, keep a record of the number of words you’re able to produce during each session. Challenge yourself to write more in the next session.

Register for the Session

Shut Up & Write sessions will run weekly for MGSE students starting in March. Register your details for more information about session times.