Rural student bursary

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education provides eligible Inclusive Education Scholarship recipients from rural areas accommodation and travel funding support when studying the Master of Learning Intervention at the University of Melbourne.

To be eligible for this subsidy, the participant’s school must be 100kms or further from the suburb of Carlton in the Melbourne area.

Schools can claim a subsidy of up to $150 for each day a student attends classes or intensives. This subsidises costs associated with accommodation, breakfast, travel and parking.

For example, if a participant attends four intensive class days, the school can be subsidised for up to $600 (4 days x up to $150 per day).

It is the responsibility of the participant or the school to book and pay for accommodation and travel arrangements and then claim the subsidy.

The scholarship is automatically awarded to eligible students after they have enrolled and will be paid to the school (not the participant).

Claims for funding:

  • must include tax invoices and receipts as supporting evidence of expenditure
  • must be made within six months of attendance
  • are subject to confirmation of attendance and evidence of expenditure.

If you have any questions, please contact