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Become a Teacher

Study teaching at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and gain the tools you need to excel as a teacher in early childhood, primary or secondary settings.
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Evidence-Based Teaching for Educators

Learn how to use evidence about what each student knows and understands at the start of the teaching period to inform their teaching interventions.

Evaluation and Assessment

By undertaking an Evaluation and Assessment course, you will become familiar with theories underlying policy and program development, ethical practice, key concepts and approaches to evaluation and the various roles of an evaluator.

General Studies in Education

Gain a strong foundation in education practice and theory with our General Studies in Education courses. Delve into contemporary education issues, connect with the latest developments in the field, and garner the expertise to move beyond the classroom.

Global and International Education

By studying in Global and International Education you will gain understanding of issues, methodologies and frameworks to help teach internationally, and to educate students about globally informative subjects.

Higher Education

Learn about quality teaching, governance, and leadership within the Tertiary Education sector with our series of courses aimed at Education Professionals in higher education.

Instructional Leadership and Management

Build your skills and knowledge to enhance effective teaching and learning, and contribute to greater student achievement.

Learning Intervention

Includes disability, hearing impairment, special education and specific learning difficulties.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Gain the skills necessary to deliver STEM teaching coursework to students with the latest practices and methodologies.

Professional Learning

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