Other single subjects

Here you can view some additional Single Subjects offered by the Faculty of Education as Breadth Subjects.


  • Introduction to Indigenous Education

    Subject code: EDUC10060
    Level: 1

    Focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, this subject examines the place and significance of Australian Indigenous peoples in the educational landscape. The subject will explore the changing nature of Indigenous education in Australia through studying a range of contemporary and historical views of Indigenous education. Attention will be given to the development of Australian Indigenous theory and research and its application to education. The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) will form the starting point of this subject. It will also explore the location of Australian Indigenous education in the global indigenous education context, including comparisons with New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

    Students will develop knowledge of and the ability to engage in education initiatives that support communities, in addition to working with non-Indigenous people to support anti-racist and decolonizing practices in education. This subject provides students with an introduction to Indigenous education in Australia.

    For more information see the Handbook.

  • Indigenous Education in Community

    Subject code: EDUC20082

    This subject explores the wide range of learning opportunities provided by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations.

    This subject introduces students to the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching and learning about Indigenous issues in the community. By getting out of the lecture theatre and visiting Melbourne schools, community organisations and services that provide educational experiences for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, students will have the opportunity to learn how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are changing the nature of education.

    For more information see the Handbook.

  • Wakanda: African Futures in Education

    Subject code: EDUC30076
    Level: 3

    Wakanda is a subject concentrated on pressing issues of our time and the future including Afrofuturisms and resilience, Black migration and/in education, living in diasporic spaces, memories and histories, surviving race and racism, African philosophies and modes of social engagement. The subject offers ways to build your knowledge capacity to understand, responsibly engage, act, and create within spaces of Blackness in schools, neighbourhoods, industries, and communities.

    Through its intensive delivery and conceptual and experiential depth of knowledge, you will have the opportunity to draw paths of action whether you are an undergraduate (e.g. planning on working alongside African Australian members of our society), an educator (e.g. through thinking or designing curriculum), or a community leader and organizer (e.g. intending to enrich your work and practice).

    For more information see the Handbook.