About Breadth in Education

Why study breadth in Education?

Become part of a community that is committed to changing lives through education. At the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, we work from a strong foundation in evidence-based practices and contemporary educational research which feeds directly into our undergraduate breadth program. Taught by leading educators, our breadth subjects make use of a wide variety of innovative experiential, place-based and embodied teaching approaches.

Whether you are considering becoming a teacher in the future, or have an interest in our practical and creative subjects, our breadth studies offer an excellent way to connect your passions with transformative ideas relating to teaching, learning and education while studying for your undergraduate degree.

Start your Education breadth studies with a single subject of interest or choose to gain a more in-depth specialisation by taking a sequence of subjects within one of our breadth tracks (three or more subjects).

Meet our Education Breadth students

Get to know some of our current Master of Teaching students who took Education Breadth subjects in their undergraduate studies.

Education breadth option 1

Single subjects of your choice in the first year

Our breadth subjects are popular with students across the University for their practical application and complementary fit with a range of study areas and personal interests. Most of our Level 1 subjects are part of breadth tracks, so you can continue studies in an area of personal interest.

Education breadth option 2

Take a breadth track

A breadth track is a sequence of three or more subjects that progressively develops knowledge and skills related to a specific area. Taking a breadth track allows you to build up a ‘mini- specialisation’ in a certain topic. Education offers a range of impactful and practical breadth tracks that can expand your skillset. Select your breadth track to explore the subjects available.