Katrina Lawrence-Honeycombe

PhD student


Working title: Global Policies and the Impediment of Gender Equality Success in Education


Professor Julie McLeod and Dr Sarah Truman

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Katrina's research aims to investigate the wider, macro, trends of educational policy. Exploring the influence of global markets, international agreements, and media trends  on governmental initiatives, Katrina seeks to understand why, and how, gender equality policies are continuously being undermined within the education systems of the United Kingdom and Australia.

Having just returned from the United Kingdom where Katrina spent five years teaching and one year completing a Masters of Women's Studies at the University of Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall, Katrina has always been interested in gender equality and the rights of women. Her interests are not only confined to education however, as Katrina has also worked in the fields of literature and film studies through which she has published a book chapter on Mentoring and Teen Tv Horror, and completed a Masters dissertation on feminist fairy tales.

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Katrina Lawrence-Honeycombe