Alice Wighton

PhD student


Working title: Mobilising strategies for decolonial futures: The effects of change discourse in higher education

The overarching aim of this project is to offer a deeper understanding of the potential role of Australian higher education in (re)producing and transforming the colonial present.


Professor Julie McLeod and Dr Ligia (Licho) López López

Additional information

Alice joined MGSE as a PhD student in 2022. Alice has previously held positions at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (ANU), the National Centre for Indigenous Studies (ANU), and the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute, where she worked as a Research Officer and tutor in Australian Indigenous public policy.

Alice’s Honours research problematised and stimulated new ways of thinking about the widespread and largely uncritical use of liberal political reason in Australian Indigenous affairs discourse. Alice maintains her interest in liberal systems of thought and knowledge production, and is currently exploring the complexities, tensions, alignments, limitations, and paradoxes of doing decolonial work in Australian universities.

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Alice Wighton