Dr Dianne Mulcahy

Senior lecturer in Education

A Senior Lecturer at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Dianne’s research and teaching interests concern pedagogy, education policy and materialist methodological approaches to research. Issues of difference, disadvantage and in/exclusions are at the heart of these interests and studied chiefly using the conceptual resources of affect and critical materialist theories. In the recent past, Dianne’s research has centred on pedagogic practice in learning environments within schools and museums. Presently, she is researching aspects of the ethics and politics of affect and their implications for pedagogy and professional practice. She is also undertaking research on citizenship and citizen subjectivity that takes the capacities of human and non-human entities such as climate and the environment into account, towards reconsideration of citizenship curriculum and normative approaches to citizenship education. Dianne publishes widely and reviews for leading education journals including Educational Philosophy and Theory, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, and Pedagogy, Culture & Society. Her recent scholarly works include: “Enacting affirmative ethics in education: A materialist/posthumanist framing”, “Pedagogic affect and its politics: Learning to affect and be affected in education” and “A politics of affect: Re/assembling relations of class and race at the museum”.

Research projects

Affective encounters: Teaching and learning for schools and communities through museums and collections

Pedagogic practices in new generation learning environments in Victorian government schools

Strengthening standards of teaching through linking standards and teacher learning: The development of professional standards for teaching school geography

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Dr Dianne Mulcahy