Educational, School and Developmental Psychology Hub

The work of the Educational, School and Developmental Psychology Hub at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education sits at the intersection of school, education, development and psychology.

The Hub provides a space where practitioners and researchers interested in the specialty of Educational and School Psychology can collaborate and share ideas. Members of the Hub include researchers and students in education, psychology, educational and school psychology, as well as other disciplines.

The activities of the Hub are centred on:

  • exploring fundamental and complex questions related to the field of school in educational psychology, such as intelligence, adolescent relations, motivation, learning, positive psychology, mindfulness, social networking, and social and emotional learning
  • applying a range of methods and methodologies to the questions of interest, including qualitative methods, quantitative methods and mixed methods procedures
  • informing, through evidence-based research, teaching practice and psychological practice in schools.

Hub leadership team

  • Dr Terence Bowles (Coordinator)
  • Professor Jan Van Driel

Join the hub

Academics and RHD students interested in applying to become a member of the Hub are encouraged to contact Dr Terence Bowles.

Applicants are required to summarise their project or thesis topic and explain how it is relevant to the overarching questions of the Hub. It is expected all members will participate in Hub events, provide an annual review of their publications and impact, and promote the Hub in their activities.