Training Programme on Competency Assessment Framework

Project lead

Dr Cuc Nguyen
T: 8344 9540
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Project Details

The post 2015 curriculum for general education in Vietnam is expected to focus on developing core competencies and specific competencies through subjects and educational activities. The purpose of this consultancy was to enhance capacity of the Vietnam education sector in renewing educational assessment to meet the needs arising from the new curriculum and textbooks, which will be implemented in 2015.

The purpose of the continuum is to enable school leaders to better understand, develop and extend the leadership capabilities required to lead today’s schools.

School leaders from all the sectors, systems, school types and locations throughout Australia are participating in the process to ensure the Continuum is developed representing the diversity of the profession.


Project Team Leader/ Lecturer: Dr Cuc Nguyen
Prof. Patrick Griffin: Lecturer
Assoc. Prof. Esther Care: Lecturer
Dr Kerry Woods: Lecturer
Ms Masa Pavlovic: Lecturer
Ms Pam Robertson: Lecturer
Ms Claire Scoular: Lecturer
Dr Alan Williams


Academics from various institutions from the Ministry of Education and Training Vietnam


World Bank (WB) and Russia Education Aid for Development (READ)

Research Outcomes

The five workshops

Workshop 1

Curriculum development approaches for developing student general capabilities: Core general capabilities in general education

Workshop 2

Methods, techniques for designing outcome standards of competency-based curriculum

Workshop 3

Assessment methods of student capabilities

Workshop 4

Assessment tools for problem solving capability

Workshop 5

Development of training materials for curriculum developers and textbooks writers on assessment of general capabilities

Development of guide books for teachers and education managers on assessment methods of general capabilities

Research Centre

Assessment Research Centre