The Kefayat Program: Competency Based Curriculum Implementation in Saudi Arabia (for the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia)

Project lead

Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan

Project Details

During 2018/19 the ARC is supporting implementation of modern curriculum into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Assessment Research Centre has established a strong and exciting partnership with the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to deliver evidence-based research into classrooms. The collaborative project seeks to ensure Saudi students are well prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, and will go on to thrive in a technology rich, knowledge-based information economy.

With targeted support from our Centre, the Saudi Ministry is overseeing a large-scale reform, transforming its curriculum in line with a global shift to competency-based education. This project aims to equip the teaching workforce with increased confidence and leadership skills, and empower students to engage in critical and creative thinking, communication and problem solving.

Our leading researchers are working in step with Saudi Arabian counterparts to deliver professional learning to the teaching workforce that harnesses state of art digital technology and research to prepare educators for future-focussed, competency-based curriculum and assessment.

In addition, to widen the impact and deepen understanding of competency-based education, a program of collaborative research projects is being initiated between the University of Melbourne and selected Saudi Arabian universities.


  • Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan, Project Lead
  • Hilary Slater, Program Manager