The Assessment Research Centre (ARC) Online Tools system

Project Manager

Nafisa Awwal

Project Details

ARC Online Tools form an integrated online assessment and reporting system that classroom teachers can use to assess and receive feedback on the learning progress of their students. ARC Online Tools include support to assess:

  • 21st century skills
  • reading comprehension
  • numeracy skills
  • a range of measures for students with additional needs.

All assessment tools were developed based on sound psychometric analyses to assure their fairness, reliability, and validity. The assessments assist teachers to identify what a student is ready to learn by providing reports that identify each student’s place on a validated learning progression. The tests are user-friendly, and maximise digital technology to create efficiency for teachers. Since 2009, more than 700,000 students have been assessed using ARC Online Tools.

ARC Online Tools are designed to equip classroom teachers with the evidence to be confident about their students’ current level of skills and understanding. This informs teaching and optimises both learning experience and opportunities for students. The tests enable targeted assessments and feedback on the strengths, abilities, and progress of individual students.

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