Teachers’ professional statistical literacy

Project contact

Associate Professor Robyn Pierce

Project Details

Principals and teachers are now expected to make data driven decisions regarding planning and practice. This project is examining principals’ and teachers’ attitudes to, and perceptions of, statistical reports as well as their skills in interpreting such quantitative information. Surveys and focus groups have been used to collect data from 900 respondents.

Research issues

  • What statistical literacy is required for using assessment data for school improvement?
  • What are the current patterns of use by principals and teachers for data distributed to schools?
  • What expertise or deficits in statistical literacy are evident in school principals and teachers?
  • What are the enablers or barriers (beliefs, attitudes, perceived subjective norms, and perceived behavioural controls) encouraging or hindering principals’ and teachers’ use of statistical data?


Research Outcomes

  • The Attitudes and Statistical Literacy Instrument (ASLI), for identifying factors affecting school principals’ and teachers’ attitudes towards quantitative data, and their ability to correctly interpret statistical reports.
  • A professional learning program, available face-to-face or online, to promote statistical literacy for principals and teachers
  • Advice to the VCAA and DEECD for improving data presentation, reports, and support programs for principals and teachers

Published Research

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