Teacher Agency Across Content and Language Integrated Spaces for Schooling

A/PROF Russell Cross
  • Location: Level 2, Room L.224, 100 Leicester St, Carlton, Parkville

Project Details

Evidence now suggests that the most effective language teaching approaches focus on teaching language while simultaneously developing new knowledge and skills from other curriculum areas. Benefits extend to a positive impact on students’ first language and literacy skills, cognitive skills and higher order thinking, and social and intercultural competence. Yet Languages has historically been conceived of as a separate curriculum domain, distinct from other areas of the curriculum.

It is unclear how the conventional organization of schools, and the curriculum in particular, impacts on teachers’ capacity to undertake an integrated approach to language and content in the context of mainstream schooling. Through a classroom-based study of teachers’ pedagogic practice, this project investigates how the ‘activity of schooling’ both affords and constraints opportunities to undertake an integrated approach to teaching content and language, through case studies of how, and to what extent, teachers achieve language/content integration in their own conditions for practice.

This project is seeking proposals from potential PhD candidates related to this focus.


Dr Yvette Slaughter