School Aptitude and Achievement Project

Project Details

The Assessment Research Centre at the University of Melbourne has been commissioned by Robert Allwell & Associates Pty. Ltd. to set up an item bank for the purpose of monitoring students' progress in mathematics from year 4 to year 10. Items along the strands of numbers, measurement, data/chance, space and relations are being designed to measure the mathematics ability of the students at key learning stages. The tests are of two main types. The first type is an achievement test, meant for the general student population of a particular year level. The second is a test with more difficult items meant for the top 15% of the student population. There are common items in tests of adjacent year levels for the purpose of test equating. The students will be calibrated with data provided by Robert Allwell & Associates Pty. Ltd.


K. Lai, M. Dulhunty


Robert Allwell and Associates Pty Ltd.

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