Realms of Thinking

Project Director

Jayne Johnston

Project Details

The ARC is working with St Paul’s School, Bald Hills (St Paul's) to assess and report on its Realms of Thinking learning framework. St Paul’s has designed and is implementing its Realms of Thinking program across its curriculum and has identified the ARC’s approach to assessing and recognising complex competencies as the next step in the Realms of Thinking development process.  The ARC will work with St Paul’s staff to co-design and develop assessment frameworks and associated credentials.

The key tasks are:

  • analysis and consultation to identify dhow the Realms of Thinking dispositions can be conceptualised as component capabilities of a Realms of Thinking competency
  • develop an assessment framework and credential for the Realms of Thinking competency
  • develop a system to underpin assessments for the credential
  • trial and validate the assessment system across a sample of subjects and/or programs
  • map credentials to external standards (ACSF/AQF),  with the potential to map to QCE and/or ATAR
  • develop a Learner Profile representing the Realms of Thinking competency or dispositions.


Project Director: Jayne Johnston

Project Lead: Dr Bruce Beswick

Researcher: Dr Kate Lafferty

Technical Lead: Dr Cuc Nguyen

Technical Support: Dr Zhonghua Zhang


This project is funded by St Paul's School, Bald Hills.