Provision of Robust Measures

Project Lead

Dr Pam Robertson

Project Details

The Assessment Research Centre (ARC) has been commissioned by the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO)  to refine, field test and validate three of their tools:

  • survey of evidence use and evidence-based practice for early childhood educators and teachers, primary school teachers and secondary school teachers
  • formative assessment rubric for primary and secondary school teachers
  • and explicit instruction rubric for primary and secondary school teachers

We will examine the extent to which each tool is an adequate and appropriate measure for the three purposes intended by AERO:

  • to provide actionable feedback to teachers about their practice
  • to summarise use of evidence and evidence-based practices across services, systems or sectors
  • to monitor changes in practice over time.

The key questions of this study are:

  • To what extent do the tools measure the intended constructs?
  • To what extent do the tools provide consistent measures across different settings and users?
  • Can the tools measure the intended constructs with sufficient accuracy for the intended purposes?

Online surveys via ARC’s Ruby platform will be used to collect data from educators, teachers and leaders from all over Australia. Participants will be asked about their knowledge, opinions and practices, which will be used for validating AERO’s tools. Some participants will also be asked to upload de-identified artefacts from their professional practice. All steps contribute to the ARCS approach to the refinement and validation process, involving field trials, psychometric analysis and enhancement of the instruments (before and/or after trialling).

To interpret the data, ARC will use a range of psychometric and analysis techniques.

Would you like to share your experience with evidence use, explicit instruction or formative assessment? To participate in this research, visit the AERO website.


Project Director

Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan

Project Lead

Dr Pam Robertson

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Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO)