Online Wellbeing Program Development

Project Lead

Associate Professor Aaron Jarden

Project Details

The Centre for Positive Psychology (CPP) welcomed the opportunity to work on a pilot project with PukaUp and Alffie to advance their planning and outcomes for wellbeing.

The client requested the services of CPP to develop a targeted wellbeing program (aka: Wellbeing Toolbox) for their clients throughout 2021, and conduct the pilots of the program. The Wellbeing toolbox is a 100% online program where participants can start instantly and learn at their own schedule, or weekly. The Wellbeing Toolbox is designed to give individuals the foundational knowledge in positive psychology as well as the tools and skills to apply this new knowledge into their lives; and thus the focus is experiential. The course is targeted at the individual and beginner level, and should help individuals improve their baseline wellbeing. The course takes approximately 10 hours to complete, including 10 modules.


Associate Professor Aaron Jarden


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