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Evaluation Lead: Allison Clarke

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Ngarrngga is an exciting, nation-building project led by First  Nations educators. It is supported by the University of Melbourne and is also proudly supported by BHP.

Ngarrngga is a Taungurung word meaning to know, to hear, to understand. The Ngarrngga vision is for all Australian students to have the opportunity to deeply connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge systems, histories and cultures.

To achieve that, we are creating high-quality, innovative curriculum resources for educators, complemented by the delivery of masterclass-style professional development. This project targets teachers, principals and pre-service teachers, spanning all subjects from early childhood to Year 12.

As a Signature Project at the University of Melbourne, it is a collaboration between Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Indigenous Studies Unit and Indigenous Knowledge Institute. These teaching resources are rigorously tested and evidence-based. They are created by Indigenous Knowledge experts and teachers, and they are piloted in classrooms and refined based on teacher feedback. This means educators can have confidence in the quality and integrity of the Ngarrngga resources, knowing that they directly link to curriculum outcomes.

The current generation of young learners will become the next generation of leaders. Their values and intellect will be enriched by gaining a deep understanding of, and respect for, the world’s oldest continuous living culture.

Ngarrngga is one of the Indigenous Knowledge priorities of Murmuk Djerring: The University of Melbourne Indigenous Strategy 2023–2027 (Priority 4.3).

"The Ngarrngga Project supports the University’s vision for Indigenous advancement through improving the ways in which all students – from kindergarten through to higher education – learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and knowledge systems" (The University of Melbourne, 2023)

The Assessment and Evaluation Research Centre (AERC) is proud to be the Ngarrngga evaluation partner. AERC is using a design-based research approach to a theory-based evaluation underpinned by the three Ngarrngga principles of relationality, reparative justice and respect for Indigenous cultural and intellectual property. The evaluation provides continual feedback of lessons learned to assist with roject development and to document and understand the impact of Ngarrngga.

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For more information about the evaluation, contact Ngarrngga Evaluation Lead Allison Clarke


The University of Melbourne (2023). Murmuk Djerring: The University of Melbourne Indigenous Strategy 2023–2027 (p. 38).