My Wellbeing Planner e-Platform Development

Project Lead

Associate Professor Aaron Jarden

Project Details

The Centre for Wellbeing Science (CWS) was engaged to work with Trinity College Pathways School (TCPS) to advance their planning and outcomes for wellbeing. The TCPS requested the services of the CWS to develop My Wellbeing Planner e-Platform to conduct a wellbeing program for their students across the school. The platform will register users (both students and mentors) to access the content and resource of the program. Personalised wellbeing results will be generated through the process mapping. Mentors can access the planner platform for discussions with the students they mentor. The system will provide data management according to the privacy management. CWS will provide maintenance and support including minor fixes or enhancements to TCPS through the contractor for three years.


Associate Professor Aaron Jarden

Dr Becky Black


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