Learning Mathematics with Technology

Research Contact

Dr Lynda Ball
  • Location: Level: 03 Room: 346, 234 Queensberry St., Parkville

Project Details

The teaching of mathematics has been substantially influenced by the advent of mathematically-able software such as dynamic geometry and that on graphics and CAS calculators. In multi-facetted projects, we are investigating the new opportunities to improve the teaching and learning of difficult topics, particularly algebra, through changed curriculum, assessment and teaching.

Learning Issues

The project team takes multiple perspectives on the new opportunities presented by digital technologies. Doing mathematics both with pen-and-paper and technology highlights features of mathematical symbolism that were previously unnoticed, yet may explain some common difficulties that students have when learning algebra. We study this by drawing on theories of knowledge and symbols and research into learning algebra. We also study how technology affects the learning of other mathematics content, mathematical reasoning and problem solving, as well as how teachers and students learn to use technology.

Teaching Issues

We study effective teaching with technology, for example how working in partnership with technology requires students to record their work in new ways. We investigate professional learning models including lesson study and we apply design research to the creation of learning tasks. Teachers’ uptake of new pedagogical opportunities is mapped following close analysis of classroom teaching and teachers’ views. For example, we have studied how teachers prepare students for high stakes examinations permitting technology.