Learner Profile Pilot Project

Project Director

Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan

Project Details

Current debates in education regarding the reliability of a single score such as the ATAR have fuelled the desire for schools and the tertiary sector to explore new ways of recognising attainment in learning and considering alternatives for students as they plan for post school pathways.

The Assessment Research Centre is working with the Association of Independent Schools in South Australia (AISSA), Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) and South Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (SASPA) to respond to this issue.

Schools were invited to be part of a collaborative pilot project, seeking to explore practical assistance to schools looking to create reliable responses to the challenge, “How might we recognise learning both with, and beyond the ATAR?“

Schools will explore the Learner Profile and its’ potential as a transformative model of recognising learning that is fit for purpose and identifies a range of student dispositions and learning across the phases of schooling. They will explore practical strategies aimed at developing, assessing and recognising student attainment in capabilities and competencies that could inform a Learner Profile and will develop assessments that are valid, reliable and authentic.


  • Dr Jason Pietzner, Project Lead
  • Dr Bruce Beswick
  • Megan Collins