Latrobe Valley Microcredentialing Project (for the Latrobe Valley Authority)

Project Director

Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan

Project Details

Through discussions with jobseekers, businesses, industry and education providers in Gippsland, the Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA) identified a ‘gap’ between the skills that local jobseekers have and what our local employers are looking for. This project aims to address this ‘gap’ through the use of microcredentials. More specifically, the project involves the development and trialling of a microcredentialing process which can be used to formally recognise or certify a person’s level of competence/skills through a range of assessments that includes practical application of the skill/capability.

Microcredentials are becoming increasingly popular and in demand by employers in the globalised, digital world. They are used as a means of certifying achievement/attainment of learning or competencies, sometimes independent of courses of study. Unlike traditional degrees and certificates, micro-credentials provide detailed and easily communicated information about what a credential holder knows and can do. In other words, they certify and point to specific knowledge and skills that individuals have acquired and demonstrated.

In the context of the Latrobe Valley, the purpose of the microcredential is to provide recognition of enterprise skills that are valued by employers within the community. More specifically, through micro-credentialing, the project aims to:

  • build and strengthen skills of the community for the future economy
  • appropriately equip local jobseekers with skills for local employment opportunities
  • grow industry capability and competitiveness.

This trial project will focus on two enterprise skills: communication skills and collaborative problem-solving skills. The trial will involve testing the process and approach with students in the Broadening Horizons Gippsland program, Gippsland Tech School, Federation University and Training, and with individuals in the broader community across different industries who wish to gain recognition for the enterprise skills they have. This may include existing workers, including workers already employed in particular businesses, individuals seeking employment, or students in a formal educational setting, or indeed any other member of the community.

Two women working on a whiteboard
Participants take part in a workshop to review a learning progression for the Latrobe Valley Microcredentialing Project.


  • Dr Rebekah Luo, Project Lead
  • Megan Collins
  • Jayne Johnston (Advisor)
  • Pam Robertson (Advisor)


This project is funded by the Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions, Victorian Government.