Improving children’s language, literacy and mental health: Evaluating the impact of the Classroom Promotion of Oral Language (CPOL)

Sharon Goldfeld

Project Details

Oral language and literacy competence are major influences on children’s developmental pathways and life success. The ability to communicate and use language effectively impacts upon children’s capacity to learn, their mental health and behaviour, future educational and employment achievements, and social participation opportunities. Evidence that teacher effectiveness has a powerful impact on students suggests that an investment in improving teaching may be a critical step in lifting student outcomes in the areas of oral language and literacy.

The CPOL trial aims to determine whether a specifically-designed teacher professional learning program focusing on promoting oral language can lead to improved teacher knowledge and practice, and advance outcomes in oral language and literacy for early years’ school children, compared with usual teaching practice.


Pam Snow, John Munro, Lisa Gold, Frank Oberklaid


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education, speech pathology, public health