Identifying Individuals’ Impact on Collaboration in ICT Environments (Early Career Grant)

Dr Claire Scoular

Project Details

To be workforce ready in the 21st century, students need to be equipped in school with how to be active problem solvers and be able to work collaboratively, all while being proficient in ICT digital literacy. This project aims to investigate the relationship between these three skills. The outcomes should provide valuable information to educators about the nature of the skills and how they should be taught. The outcomes should also provide insight to psychometricians about how the skills should be conceptualised and assessed.

Four hundred students undertook assessments in individual problem solving and collaborative solving, as well as online and offline assessment tasks. The data across conditions will be compared to better understand the impact and relationships between the skills.


  • Dr Claire Scoular
  • Nafisa Awwal
  • Lan Anh Nguyen Khoa


University of Melbourne, Early Career Researcher Grants Scheme